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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Playable Races Overview

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Races

Eorzea, the world you’re brought into while playing Final Fantasy 14: ARR, is home to a few different playable races. From elves to little people, there are some interesting choices for players to select from. Choosing your player’s race is actually the very first step of the character creation process so you may want to know a bit about the background and stats of each one beforehand. The details of the races within FFXIV: ARR are found below.


FFXIV ARR Elezen Race

The Elezen are an elf-like people that are generally tall and slim in appearance. They were the predominant race of Eorzea for ages before any other race inhabited the area. These beings hold themselves in high regard due to their long history and founding of large cities within Eorzea like Ishgard and Gridania.

There are 2 different clans of Elezen:

  • Duskwight
  • Wildwood

Each of these clans has slightly different stats.

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Duskwight Elezen Stats

  • Strength – 20
  • Dexterity – 20
  • Vitality – 19
  • Intelligence – 23
  • Mind – 20
  • Piety – 18

Wildwood Elezen Stats

  • Strength – 19
  • Dexterity – 23
  • Vitality – 18
  • Intelligence – 22
  • Mind – 17
  • Piety – 21

That is the basic information for the Elezen.



The Hyur are the most commonly found race within Eorzea. These characters are the closest in appearance to a typical human-based race. They have an overall average look. They are also the most diverse people in terms of language and racial culture.

They Hyur are also segregated into 2 distinct clans:

  • Midlanders
  • Highlanders

Midlanders typically take home in low-lying areas and are more slender in appearance. Highlanders, on the other hand, claim the mountains as their place of dwelling and are generally slightly larger and more developed muscularly than the Midlanders. Each has its own unique set of stats as listed below.

Hyur Midlanders Stats

  • Strength – 21
  • Dexterity – 19
  • Vitality – 20
  • Intelligence – 21
  • Mind – 18
  • Piety – 21

Hyur Highlanders Stats

  • Strength – 23
  • Dexterity – 20
  • Vitality – 22
  • Intelligence – 18
  • Mind – 20
  • Piety – 17

It’s worth noting that the Hyur Highlanders have the highest strength starting stat but also have the lowest starting piety stat across all races within FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

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FFXIV ARR Lalafell Race

The Lalafell are one of the more interesting races found in Eorzea. They are tiny compared to any other race and look like adorable, small kids. The Lalafell are well known for their mastery of farming, producing crops in ready lands. They are also known to be well versed in the art of sales and are often found to be very successful merchants.

The 2 different clans of Lalafell are:

  • Plainsfolk
  • Dunesfolk

The Plainsfolk Lalafells are well known as farmers but have also taken up the roles in the navy and even working the docks are fishermen. The Dunesfolk, on the other hand, are typically found in desert-like lands and are aggressive merchants and great businessmen.

Each clan has their own set of stats which are detailed below.

Plainsfolk Lalafell Stats

  • Strength – 18
  • Dexterity – 22
  • Vitality – 18
  • Intelligence – 21
  • Mind – 20
  • Piety – 21

Dunesfolk Lalafell Stats

  • Strength – 17
  • Dexterity – 20
  • Vitality – 17
  • Intelligence – 21
  • Mind – 22
  • Piety – 23

It’s worth noting that the Dunesfolk posses the lowest strength and vitality starting stats out of all the races. But also note that they have the highest piety starting stat, too.


FFXIV ARR Miqo'te Race

The Miqo’te race look like a cross between a human and a cat. They have large, pointy ears as well as a tail protruding from their rear. They tend to be loners and are both shy and territorial.

The two clans of the Miqo’te are:

  • Seekers of the Sun
  • Keepers of the Moon

Typically found in either Limsa Lominsa or in the desert, the Seekers of the Sun clan are lovers of the sun and even worship a sun goddess named Azeyma the Warden. The Keepers of the Moon, on the other hand, are night travelers and worship the moon goddess, Menphina the Lover. Each clan has slightly different starting stats which are listed below.

Seekers of the Sun Miqo’te Stats

  • Strength – 21
  • Dexterity – 22
  • Vitality – 20
  • Intelligence – 18
  • Mind – 19
  • Piety – 20

Keepers of the Moon Miqo’te Stats

  • Strength – 18
  • Dexterity – 21
  • Vitality – 17
  • Intelligence – 19
  • Mind – 23
  • Piety – 22

There are a few things to note here. First off is the fact that the Seekers of the Sun clan has one of the most well-rounded sets of starting stats out of all the races in FFXIV: ARR. Secondly, it’s important to note that the Keepers of the Moon have the lowest vitality level yet the highest mind level for starters.


FFXIV ARR Roegadyn Race

The Roegadyn are a very large, intimidating looking race. They are generally massive in comparison to other races and possess impressive muscle structure. The Roegadyn are known for being extremely competitive and loyal, making them a perfect fit for the life of a warrior.

The two clans of Roegadyn are as follow:

  • Sea Wolves
  • Hellsguard

The Sea Wolves used to be known as vicious pirates but are now just simple seamen. They may stick to just being a sailor but are still powerful. Hellsguards, on the other hand, are typically found in Ul’dah offering their services of being hired henchmen and bodyguards, capable ones, too. The two clans have varying stats as listed below.

Sea Wolf Roegadyn Stats

  • Strength – 22
  • Dexterity – 18
  • Vitality – 23
  • Intelligence – 17
  • Mind – 21
  • Piety – 19

Hellsguard Roegadyn Stats

  • Strength – 20
  • Dexterity – 17
  • Vitality- 21
  • Intelligence – 20
  • Mind – 22
  • Piety – 20

It’s important to note here that the Sea Wolves possess the highest starting vitality stat but the lowest intelligence. The Hellsguard have the lowest starting dexterity stat.

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