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FFXIV: ARR – Alchemist Crafting Guide – Alchemy 101

About Alchemy in FFXIV: ARR

One of the crafting classes in FF14 A Realm Reborn is Alchemist. This craft falls under the Disciples of Hand category and gives players the ability to create a range of items including elixirs, potions, cures, and much more. Pretty much any player can find a use for this particular crafting discipline but the ones that’ll get the most out of it are those that picked the Arcanist or Conjurer class. Conjurers need wands and Arcanists need books, both are items that you can craft through alchemy.

FFXIV ARR Alchemy Guide

If you wish to take up the alchemist crafting class you’ll need to visit Frondale’s Phrontistery which is the Alchemist’s Guild found in Ul’dah. Once there you’ll need to speak with the receptionist. You’ll only be able to pick up this craft if you’re level 10 or higher.

How to Level Alchemy Fast

Alchemy can take a bit of time to master but with the right instructions, the right recipes for each set of levels, and a dash of perseverance you can work your way through all 50 levels fairly quickly.

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Alchemist Quests

The Alchemist’s Guild in Ul’dah provides players with several alchemist class-specific quests which reward you with some experience, gil, and even a few crafting gear pieces. These quests are:

  • Way of the Alchemist (level 1)
  • My First Alembic (level 1)
  • The Second Principle (level 5)
  • All of Your Beeswax (level 10)
  • For Fair Love (level 15)
  • The Arcanist’s Tome (level 20)
  • Practical Alchemy (level 25)
  • Baleful Brews (level 30)

Each of the quests listed above can be obtained from the NPC named Severian who is the guildmaster of the Alchemist’s Guild located in the Steps of Thal area of Ul’dah. This excludes the first quest, Way of the Alchemist, which is obtained from Deitrich, the guild receptionist.

Alchemist Skills

As with every other craft, alchemy has a few skills that are unique to the class but most are fairly generic crafting-related skills. Here is the full list:

FFXIV ARR Alchemist Skills

The 3 unique skills to the class are Preserve (temporarily keeps synthesis boosts), Hasty Hand, and Creative Urge earned at levels 10, 15, and 20 respectively.

Alchemist Crafting Gear

FFXIV ARR Alchemist

As you level up your alchemy you should consider purchasing a few pieces of alchemist crafting gear from the trading post to help you along the way. There are various armor pieces and accessories that boost your overall craftmanship & gathering stats as well as provide other stat increases such as vitality, mind, intelligence, and perception.

A couple shining examples of crafting gear for Alchemists include the Hempen Shepherd’s Tunic (adds +23 to Craftmanship and +17 to Gathering) available at level 6 and the Cotton Doublet Vest of Crafting (adds +40 to Craftmanship) available at level 21. These items can be purchased from NPC merchants, crafted through Weaving, or obtained from the AH.

NOTE: We’re in the middle of writing up a full alchemy leveling guide and alchemy recipes list that we’ll post soon!

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