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FFXIV: ARR – Culinarian Crafting Guide – Cooking 101

About Cooking in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

One of the most fun and potentially beneficial crafting professions found in nearly any popular MMO is the cooking discipline. In FF14 this crafting skill is known as Culinarian. These masters of the skillet can whip up tasty consumables that not only satisfy the gullet but also provide temporary buffs which can be very useful.

FFXIV ARR Culinarian Guide

From pies to juices and cheese to bread, Culinarians can create a large variety of yummy foods using a huge palette of ingredients ranging from basics such as salt or flour all the way to more exotic items like the dragon pepper or eft tail. The consumables that can be created by this class are useful both to yourself and other players.

To become a cook and begin your adventures of leveling the Culinarian class you’ll need to talk with Charlys, the receptionist for the Culinarian’s Guild called The Bismarck which can be found in the Upper Decks area of Limsa Lominsa.

Leveling Culinarian / Cooking

If you want to level up your cooking quickly you need to keep track of what recipes you’re using. Every few levels you’ll sort of outgrow certain recipes and you’ll earn less experience toward Culinarian for them. As you progress through levels be sure to work your way up through the higher-level recipes. For a full Culinarian leveling guide be sure to check out this FFXIV: A Realm Reborn strategy guide – it’s packed with tips for leveling every class in the game, explains how to get the top notch gear (like Darklight and better) fast, and more.

Cooking Quests

As with all other craft-based classes you’ll find that the Culinarian has its own unique set of quests to take on. The majority of the cooking quests are obtained from the NPC known as Lyngsath who is in The Bismarck. In most of these quests you’ll be asked to create specific foods or other similar items. Once you complete them you’ll be rewarded with experience for the Culinarian class, a little bit of gil, a few crafting mats, and maybe an additional item.

Here is the full list of Culinarian quests:

  • Way of the Culinarian (level 1)
  • My First Skiller (level 1)
  • A Treat of Trout (level 5)
  • Dodo it Yourself (level 10)
  • On a Skewer Tip (level 15)
  • Releasing a Burden (level 20)
  • Winning Friends with Aldgoat (level 25)
  • The Chefsbane Cometh (level 30)
  • Of Cooks and Books (level 35)
  • Diplomacy of the Skillet (level 40)
  • A Taste of Home (level 45)
  • Revenge of the Chefsbane (level 50)

As mentioned above, nearly all of these quests will be given to you by the guildmaster, Lyngsath. The only exception is the first quest, Way of the Culinarian, which is given to players when they first sign up to be a cook by the guild receptionist, Charlys.

Cooking Skills

Every crafting profession in A Realm Reborn has its own set of skills. Most are designed to improve the final item (or in this case food or drink) that you create or at least allow you to make more progress during each round of synthesis. Culinarians have access to several unique skills along with others. Here is the complete list:

FFXIV ARR Culinarian Skills

Culinarian Crafting Gear

As with most other crafting professions in the game you’ll want to upgrade your craft gear every 5 to 10 levels or so to make sure you maintain high quality of your items. In order to make sure you create the best foods / drinks or other consumables you want to grab a few pieces of level-appropriate gear that provide buffs to the Craftmanship and Control attributes.

FFXIV ARR Culinarian
Craftmanship and Control boosts give you a better chance of creating higher quality, more durable items plus they also give you a boost to the total amount of progress you make during each synthesis attempt.

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FFXIV ARR Crafting Guide