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FFXIV: ARR – Goldsmith Crafting Guide – Goldsmithing 101

About Goldsmithing in FFXIV: ARR

Goldsmiths are crafters that are talented in making beautiful and powerful accessories including rings, earrings, necklaces, and other exquisite pieces. They forge precious metals and gemstones together to create gorgeous works of art that are both lovely to look at and handy to use.

FFXIV ARR Goldsmith Guide

Jewelry and other accessories have always been a very high demand and pricey market in most MMOs. That really isn’t any different in A Realm Reborn. These are very valuable items. Even the crafting mats required to create them aren’t very cheap making Goldsmithing one of the most expensive crafts to level up.

In order to take up the Goldsmith craft you’ll need to speak with Jemime, the receptionist found in Eshtaime’s Lapidaries (the Goldsmith’s Guild) which is located on the merchant strip in the Steps of Thal area of the city-state of Ul’dah.

NOTE: If you plan to become a Goldsmith you should almost certainly take up the role of a Miner as well. Goldsmiths are heavily dependent on Miners for the various ores and gems they can gather.

Goldsmith Leveling Guide

Looking to blast your way through the levels of this craft? In order to do so you’ll have to change up the Goldsmith recipes you’re using every 5 to 10 levels. Why? Because as you keep going up in rank the lower-level recipes won’t count as much toward your experience. Upgrade to the next best thing when you’re able to and keep on truckin’.

If you really want to power level through the Goldsmith crafting class you should definitely follow the full Goldsmithing leveling guide that comes with this loaded FFXIV ARR guide – it comes with full guides to leveling ANY class to max, explains how to get top tier gear very quickly, provides hints for building up a massive wealth of gil, and loads more.

Goldsmith Quests

Goldsmithing, like every other craft profession in the FF14 MMO, has a set of class-specific quests. Most the quests you’ll play through as a Goldsmith will be given to you by the Goldsmith’s guildmaster, Serendipity. These quests will send you out with various tasks such as crafting hammers, rings, and other items related to the craft. Once you finish each one Serendipity will reward you with XP for Goldsmith, a moderate amount of coin, materials you’ll need to craft other items, and, occasionally, a bonus item.

Here is the complete list of quests that’ll be given to players that choose to become a Goldsmith:

  • Way of the Goldsmith (level 1)
  • My First Chaser Hammer (level 1)
  • Gorgets Rising (level 5)
  • Throw Some Rings on It (level 10)
  • Objectively Speaking (level 15)
  • A Melding of the Minds (level 20)
  • Or Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed (level 25)
  • Serendipity Now (level 30)
  • Mammets on Fire (level 35)
  • The Horns of the Green (level 40)
  • The Fox in the Hen House (level 45)
  • Jaded (level 50)

All of the quests above will be given to you by the Goldmith’s Guild guildmaster, Serendipity with the exception of one. The first quest you’re issued, Way of the Goldsmith, is provided to you by the NPC called Jemime, the guild’s receptionist.

Goldsmith Skills

The Goldsmith has access to several interesting actions that help increase the quality, durability, and progress that you’ll make during each successful attempt of synthesis while crafting various accessories. Here is the full list of skills available for this craft:

FFXIV ARR Goldsmith Actions

Goldsmith Crafting Gear

As we’ve preached time and time again, you need to make sure you stay on top of updating your crafting gear while progressing through the Goldsmithing craft. This will help you perform more successful synthesis attempts, produce better items, and blast through the leveling of Goldsmith faster if you do.

FFXIV ARR Goldsmith
Focus on picking up armor and tools that directly influence your Craftmanship or Control attributes. Both of these stats help to improve the overall quality of items you make and also decrease the amount of time it takes to progress through each one.

NOTE: We are currently developing a full leveling guide and recipes list for the Goldsmith craft which will be available very soon!

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