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FFXIV: ARR – Miner Gathering Guide – Mining 101

About Mining in FFXIV: ARR

Miners are one of the Disciples of the Land classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Their primary purpose is to gather materials from ground-based sources such as ores, gems, shards, and crystals. Miners are especially useful to players that work in the crafts of either Blacksmithing or Goldsmithing (both use ores and / or various gemstones to craft items).

FFXIV ARR Mining Guide

The primary tools of a Miner are pickaxes and sledgehammers, both of which are used to dig out mats from nodes. There are tons of mining node locations all over the world of Eorzea. As long as your Miner is the appropriate level he/she can gather materials from these mineral deposits.

If you want to become a Miner you’ll need to head to the mining guild called Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern which is found in the merchant strip of Ul’dah in the Steps of Thal area. There you’ll want to speak with the guild receptionist, Linette, to get started.

Leveling Mining in FFXIV

Gathering-based classes can be painfully slow and frustrating to level. But as long as you keep your Miner busy gathering as many nodes as possible and making sure that you mine higher level materials as soon as they’re available, you’ll be fine. If you want a complete Mining leveling guide be sure to grab a copy of this extremely useful FFXIV ARR guide – it comes with thorough leveling guides for EVERY class, shows you how to get top tier gear very quickly, how to rack up coin, and loads more.

Miner Quests

Once you begin your days as a Miner you’ll be tasked with completing various quests as you work your way up through the ranks of the class. Most will send you out to gather various materials and deliver them to other NPCs but others may vary slightly. You’ll get these quests by talking to NPCs within the Miner’s Guild.

Here is the full list of quests for mining:

  • Way of the Miner (level 1)
  • My First Pickaxe (level 1)
  • Know Thy Land (level 5)
  • The Cutting Edge (level 10)
  • Getting in Deep (level 15)
  • Old Wisdom, New Ways (level 20)
  • Water from Stone (level 25)
  • Obsidian Race (level 30)
  • Amethysts are Forever (level 35)
  • To Die For (level 40)
  • Gulley of Woes (level 45)
  • Canyon of Regret (level 50)

The majority of the mining-related quests will be issued to you by the NPC known as Adalberta, the guildmaster at Amajina & Sons. The only exception is the very first mission, this one is given to you by the Miner’s Guild receptionist, Linette. After you complete each quest you’ll be rewarded with experience toward your Miner’s level, some gil, possibly a pickaxe or sledgehammer, and a selection of gathering gear.

Miner Skills & Traits

Miner’s have access to a pretty nice palette of actions and traits that will help you gather more materials from nodes and even go unnoticed by enemies at times (using stealth). These are very handy abilities to have for this particular class.

Here is the complete list of actions available to a Miner:

FFXIV ARR Miner Actions

Here is the full list of traits Miners have:

FFXIV ARR Miner Traits

Miner Crafting Gear

To make sure you get the most out of every gathering attempt you’ll want to keep up with upgrading your mining gear every now and then. The main stats you want on armor pieces for your Miner are Gathering and Perception. Gathering increases your chances of getting mats whenever you’re mining a node. Perception, on the other hand, gives you a higher chance of gathering rare materials every time you gather from a node.

As you level up your Miner you’ll want to make sure you swap out your gear for higher level pieces that have an even bigger boost to these two attributes. This will make your leveling much faster and give you more satisfaction while gathering ores / shards / etc too.

NOTE: We are currently building a complete Mining leveling guide and node locations list for players. This will be posted on this page once it’s available!

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