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FFXIV: ARR – Overview of Dungeons

About Dungeons in FFXIV: ARR

Dungeons are an incredibly interesting and integral part of nearly any MMO. In the FFXIV reboot, A Realm Reborn, there are currently 17 dungeons available for players to explore. Each one is unlocked by either completing a quest or talking to a specific NPC in the game and also requires that your character be at or above a specific level.

FFXIV ARR Dungeons Overview

All dungeons require a party of 4 players to enter. All players must be at least the minimum level required by the dungeon. Any player that is lower than the required level will not be allowed access. Players that are 1 or more levels above the maximum access level will be synced down to the highest allowed level.

In other words, if you’re trying to get into a dungeon that is meant for levels 15-18, players that are level 14 or lower will be denied access and players that are level 19 or higher will be synced down to level 18.

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FF14: A Realm Reborn Dungeons List

Below is a list of all of the dungeons found in the game as of right now. We will update this list if new ones are added in the future.

  • Sastasha Seagrot (levels 15-18)
  • Tam-Tara Deepcroft (levels 16-19)
  • Copperbell Mines (levels 17-20)
  • Halatali (levels 20-23)
  • Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (levels 24-27)
  • Haukke Manor (levels 28-31)
  • Brayflox’s Longstop (levels 32-34)
  • The Sunken Temple of Qarn (levels 35-37)
  • Cutter’s Cry (levels 38-40)
  • The Stone Vigil (levels 41-43)
  • Dzemael Darkhold (levels 44-46)
  • The Aurum Vale (levels 47-49)
  • The Wanderer’s Place (level 50)
  • Amdapor Keep (level 50)
  • Castrum Meridianum (level 50)
  • The Praetorium (level 50)
  • Great Labyrinth of Bahamut (level 50)
  • Crystal Tower (level 50)

Each dungeon has its own unique set of mobs and bosses that players will have to kill off to complete a run. Some dungeons also have puzzles that players will need to solve to progress. We will be writing up full play-through guides for each dungeon (with multiple strategies for all classes) and they will be linked above when they are complete.

Below we have provided a summary of each dungeon to provide a bit more information on each one.

Sastasha Seagrot

FFXIV ARR Sastasha Seagrot
Sastasha Seagrot is the very first dungeon you’ll come across in FFXIV: ARR. It’s designed for players between the levels of 15 through 18 and is located in Western La Noscea. There are 3 primary bosses in it:

  • Chopper
  • Pirate Captain Madison
  • Denn the Orcatoothed

Seagrot is a decent size cave that is home to the Serpent Reavers, a group of menacing pirates that have tortured the people of La Noscea both in past and present. They are ruthless pirates that kill men, steal any valuables they can find, and even kidnap women and children.

Access to the Sastasha Seagrot dungeon is gained after completing the level 15 quest titled It’s Probably Pirates.

Tam-Tara Deepcroft

FFXIV ARR Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Tam-Tara Deepcroft is an underground crypt that was once meant for the burials of great rulers and noblemen. It is now the habitat of cult worshipers who are working to exact revenge on those that stopped the rise of the dark powers of Dalamund.

The Deepcroft is meant for players that are between the levels of 16 through 19 and is found in Central Shroud. It is the 2nd dungeon unlocked while completing the main story line quests. There are 2 bosses in it:

  • Void Soulcounter
  • Galvanth the Dominator

Galvanth is the main boss and makes for a tricky battle. On multiple occasions he will summon adds to fight for him and during the time they are alive Galvanth is invincible. You must kill off the adds he summons before being able to attack him again. Also be sure to watch out for his powerful area of effect spells which can deal some pretty harsh damage.

Players can gain access to the Deepcroft dungeon by completing the level 16 quest titled Fire in the Gloom.

Copperbell Mines

FFXIV ARR Copperbell Mines
Copperbell Mines is the 3rd dungeon you’ll come across and is meant for players levels 17 through 20. This dungeon is found in Western Thanalan and requires a party of 4 players. These mines were left unused for many, many years but were recently expanded. The plan was to go even deeper underground to get access to the valuable resources that may lie beneath the rubble but unfortunately that’s not what turned up. Instead a group of insane giants called the Hecatonchires were found.

The Copperbell Mines dungeon is one of the shortest available (takes roughly 30 minutes or so to complete) and puts players up against 3 different bosses:

  • Kottos the Gigas
  • Ichorous Ire
  • Gyges the Great

Some of these boss battles are quite tricky and need an understanding of how the fight works to complete. We’ll fill you in on all the details with our Copperbell Mines dungeon guide that’ll be available very soon.

In order to access the Copperbell Mines dungeon players will need to complete the level XX quest titled *will be added once I figure out which quest it was!*


FFXIV ARR Halatali
Halatali is the 4th dungeon players will encounter while progressing through the main story quests. This stretch of caverns used to be for the very first of the Lalafell race that came to Eorzea but after some time it was overtaken by the Pugilist’s Guild and made into a training area. After Calamity the caverns were left unattended and are now filled with maddened creatures and the angry spirits of the fallen.

Halatali is meant for players that are levels 20 through 23 and is found in Eastern Thanalan. There are 4 bosses within this dungeon:

  • Firemane
  • Thunderclap Guivre
  • Pit Peiste
  • Tangata

Most of these bosses are powerful creatures while Firemane is a fire elemental. They are relatively simple battles but we’ll give a few good strategies for them in our Halatali dungeon guide that’ll be available in the near future.

Players gain access to this FFXIV dungeon by completing the level 20 quest titled Hallo Halatali.

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Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

FFXIV ARR Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
The Thousand Maws is the 5th dungeon that players will be introduced to during the main story missions of the game. It’s a series of caves that were named after a vicious, man-eating beast that comes from old Padjali tales. It was used as a prison for the worst criminals found in the city of Gridania. It was abandoned a while back but is still home to some very foul folk.

Thousand Maws is designed for players levels 24 through 27 and found in South Shroud. In this dungeon players are pitted against 2 different bosses:

  • Coeurl O’Nine Tails
  • Grafflas

The most interesting battle is the one against the dungeon’s primary boss, Grafflas, a giant, spider-like creature with some pretty nasty moves. Again, we’ll provide a complete walkthrough of these boss fights in our upcoming dungeon guides.

Access to the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak dungeon is given to players after completing a quest (will update with quest title later).

Haukke Manor

FFXIV ARR Haukke Manor
Haukke Manor is a massive home that was once used for peaceful acts of meditation and self-seeking. Those days ended once a rich Elezen woman named Lady Amandine purchased it. Amandine was known to be a vile woman and was obsessed with her appearance. She was permanently scarred during the Calamity which drove her to madness and she eventually turned to darkness to repair the damage done to her beautiful face.

Haukke Manor is a dungeon designed for players of levels 28 through 31 and is found in Central Shroud. There are technically 4 bosses in it but 2 you’ll face at the same time:

  • Manor Claviger
  • Manor Jester / Manor Steward
  • Lady Armandine

Lady Armandine is, of course, the last and primary boss of the dungeon. The Lady is capable of summoning explosive beings and casting powerful area of effect spells via lanterns. We’ll dive into more of those details in our upcoming guide for this dungeon.

Haukke Manor access is given to players once they complete a quest (will update info with correct quest name soon!).

Brayflox’s Longstop

FFXIV ARR Brayflox's Longstop

Brayflox’s Longstop is an interesting dungeon found deep in the wild jungles of Raincatcher Gully in Eastern La Noscea. Brayflox, a goblin leader, wishes to make these jungles home for himself and his people. He requests your assistance in taking the land from the exotic, powerful, and evil creatures within.

The Longstop is meant for players that are levels 32 through 34 and requires a group of 4 players to enter. There are 5 different bosses players will have to fight in this dungeon:

  • Great Yellow Pelican
  • Inferno Drake
  • Hellbender
  • Deep Jungle Coeurl
  • Aiatar

A lot of these creatures have pretty strong AoE attacks and crowd control abilities which can make for a rather interesting battle. As with all other dungeons, we’ll have a guide out for this one soon, too.

The required quest to unlock this dungeon is currently unknown. We’ll update this page once we have the correct info!

The Sunken Temple of Qarn

FFXIV ARR The Sunken Temple of Qarn
The Sunken Temple of Qarn is a partially underground temple that is half covered by the sands of the surrounding desert. It was originally made as a sanctuary in which to worship the sun goddess, Azeyma, by the Belah’dians. The temple is rigged with many traps and other dangers making it a very hazardous trek for any brave adventurer of Eorzea.

The Temple of Qarn is designed for players that are levels 35 through 37 and is found in the Vesper Bay area of Western Thanalan. There are puzzles to solve within it as well as 3 major boss battles against:

  • Teratotaur
  • Temple Guardian
  • Adjudicator

The first two battles consist of a lot of AoE attacks but aren’t too terrible of battles. Adjudicator is the final boss of the dungeon and is capable of strong attacks and summoning other creatures to fight for him on multiple occasions. We’ll get more into that once our Sunken Temple of Qarn dungeon guide is available.

Players can access the Temple of Qarn by talking to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay to unlock it.

Cutter’s Cry

FFXIV ARR Cutter's Cry
Cutter’s Cry is a deep cave found near the mountains of North Thanalan. Many adventurers have attempted to pass through the cave but none have made it out alive. The cave is full of hellish creatures and tortured souls. Only the strongest and bravest souls will ever see the light of day again after venturing through this dark, evil place.

The Cutter’s Cry dungeon is made for players that are levels 38 through 40 and is found in Central Thanalan. There are 3 different boss battles that players will encounter in the cave:

  • Myrmidon Princess
  • Giant Tunnel Worm
  • Chimera

The Myrmidon is the first boss fight and is a giant spider. The Tunnel Worm comes up next and is ginormous, be sure to avoid his strong attacks while he is beneath the ground. The Chimera is the final boss of the dungeon and a vile creature, indeed. A full guide to this dungeon will be available soon.

Players can gain access to Cutter’s Cry by speaking with an NPC by the name of Sibold who can be found on the merchant strip in the Steps of Thal portion of Ul’dah.

The Stone Vigil

FFXIV ARR The Stone Vigil
The Stone Vigil is a watchtower that was built by the people of Ishgard. The area was eventually taken over by the Dravanian Horde after the events of Calamity. Since then the House Durendaire knights have tried countless times to retake the tower by have failed every time. Now they reach out to you to help them reclaim their territory.

The Stone Vigil dungeon is meant for players that are levels 41 through 43 and can be found in the Central Highlands area of Coerthas. There are 3 major boss fights in this dungeon:

  • Chudo-Yudo
  • Koshchei
  • Isgebind

Each of these bosses are powerful dragons that can deal pretty heavy damage. It’s always wise to take on a tank or two in your party when you try out this dungeon. We’ll have a full strategy guide available for it soon.

Players can unlock access to the Stone Vigil dungeon by completing the level 41 main story quest titled In Pursuit of the Past.

Dzemael Darkhold

FFXIV ARR Dzemael Darkhold
Dzemael Darkhold is an expanse of connecting caves that was originally built up by the Dzemael house of Isghard to help innocent people escape the evil of the Dravanian Horde. Before the project was complete the builders dug a bit too deep and opened up the void which allowed monstrous creatures into Eorzea. The house of Dzemael want to take back the Darkhold to bring their original plan back to life.

The Darkhold is a dungeon designed for players that are levels 44 through 46 and is found in the Central Highlands area of Coerthas. It requires a party of 4 players and pits you against 3 different bosses:

  • All-Seeing Eye
  • Taulurd
  • Batraal

Each of these beasts possess powerful abilities that make for intense battles. We’ll have a complete guide for this dungeon up for everyone soon.

In order to gain access to the Dzemael Darkhold dungeon players must complete the level 44 story quest named Fort of Fear.

The Aurum Vale

FFXIV ARR The Aurum Vale
The Aurum Vale is a deep mine filled with dangers. The gold-colored liquid found throughout it was believed to be a valuable resource at first but was discovered to be a vile poison that killed many miners in a brutal, agonizing manner. Many still believe the mine holds some sort of riches deep within and try to work their way through it.

The Aurum Vale is a dungeon made for players that are levels 47 through 49 and is found in the Central Highlands area of Coerthas.

Right now we do not have any information regarding the bosses found in this dungeon but we’ll update this page to include the info as soon as we have it.

Players can unlock access to the Aurum Vale dungeon by talking to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay.

Amdapor Keep

FFXIV ARR Amdapor Keep
Amdapor Keep is a fortress that was hidden for a long time by the elementals because the Amdapori people dabbled in dark, forbidden magic that the elementals didn’t want others to unearth. The Keep was revealed once again by a dark cult by the name of the Lambs of Dalamud who now call the fortress home. The cult performs despicable acts of sacrifice and dark magic here.

Amdapor Keep is an endgame dungeon (for level 50 players). It is highly recommended that you have Darklight gear or other upgraded items before attempting this dungeon. There are 3 major bosses in the dungeon:

  • Lunatic Priest / Psycheflayer
  • Demon Wall
  • Anatoboga

You’ll definitely want an experienced tank to tag along with you in this dungeon. We’ll be providing full guides for each of the boss battles in the near future. Keep an eye out!

Access to Amdapor Keep is granted after completing the entire story line of FFXIV: ARR.

Castrum Meridianum

Castrum Meridianum is a dungeon given to players at level 49 and supports players up to level 50. Access is given to the dungeon near the end of the main story quest line. It can be found in Mor Dhona.

Not a ton of info available for this dungeon just yet but we’ll fill in the missing details as we get them and also write up a full guide for it once we’ve braved it ourselves! We’ll also add images at a later time.

The Praetorium

The Praetorium is the very last dungeon you’ll unlock while progressing through the main story quests. It designed for players that are levels 49 to 50+ and is found in Mor Dhona.

As with the Meridanum we don’t have a lot of information about this dungeon just yet but we will be filling in the details as we get them. And we will be writing up a complete walkthrough guide of the dungeon as soon as we can, too. Images will also be added at a later point.

Great Labyrinth of Bahamut

The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut is supposed to be the most difficult dungeon available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It is designed to be completed by an alliance of 24 players. There will be multiple floors (stages) to this dungeon and there’s a possibility that more will be added later on in the game’s lifetime.

We don’t have a ton of info for this one yet either but as soon as we have it, we’ll update this page to include it.

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Crystal Tower

FFXIV ARR Crystal Tower
Crystal Tower is another endgame dungeon that is supposed to be pretty hard. From what we understand it won’t be quite as difficult as the Bahamut dungeon but will definitely still be challenging. We’ll fill in the missing details for this one soon, too.

NOTE: If you have any information about missing parts or know certain details that need to be corrected above be sure to leave a comment below to let us know and we’ll add / fix it right away!