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FFXIV: ARR – Overview of Grand Companies (Factions)

About Factions in FFXIV: ARR

As with any other MMO made to date, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has factions in it. In this game there are 3 different factions which are referred to as Grand Companies. Players are able to select one of the grand companies (The Immortal Flames, The Maelstrom, or The Order of the Twin Adder) to side with once they reach about level 20 and have progressed through the main story quests enough.

FFXIV ARR Grand Companies

Each company represents one of the 3 major city-states of Eorzea. The Immortal Flames are the company of Ul’dah. The Maelstrom are the faction of Limsa Lominsa. And, finally, the grand company of Gridania is The Order of the Twin Adder.

While the concept behind each one is pretty much the same you will take on slightly different quests, obtain different items, and encounter different NPCs depending on which company you decide to side with. Also your company Chocobo will look a bit different between each faction.

You can only choose one faction and it’s a permanent selection. Once you’ve sided with one of the Grand Companies you can’t change it or side with another.

Obtaining Hunting Logs

Once you sign up with a Grand Company you’ll also be given access to the Hunting Logs. These are mini-quests (usually revolving around killing specific creatures) that are class specific. Each Grand Company has its own set of logs as well, these are not restricted to a specific class, though.

Getting GC Levequests

There are also Grand Company specific Levequests that you’ll gain access to once you join one. Completing one will reward you with Grand Company seals which can be used at faction vendors to purchase special gear and items. The Seals are also used to progress your overall rank in the Grand Company you joined.

Below we talk a bit more about each of the available factions you can join in FFXIV: ARR.

The Immortal Flames

FFXIV ARR The Immortal Flames

The Immortal Flames is a collaboration of small militias and a small selection of palace guards meant to protect Ul’dah from its enemies. In order to join this faction you must make your way over to the Hall of Flames which can be found to the East of the Aetheryte Plaza area of Ul’dah.

The Maelstrom

FFXIV ARR The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is a powerful armada of navy ships including the 9 primary squadrons of the Thalassocratic Navy and multiple fleets of merchant ships. Their sole purpose is to be the defending army of Limsa Lominsa but the pirates of the seas have not taken a liking to this forming of strength headed by Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn.

In order to sign up with The Malestrom faction you’ll have to visit the Maelstrom Command which is found to the East of the Aftcastle area of Limsa Lominsa.

The Order of the Twin Adders

FFXIV ARR The Order of the Twin Adders

The Order of the Twin Adders is a temporary alliance of the Gods’ Quiver and the Wood Wailers (being directed by the Seedseers), military sentries meant to guard the city-state, with the sole duty of protecting Gridania. The people of Gridania, however, do not feel that this group is strong or competent enough to protect them.

Players can join up with The Order of the Twin Adders faction by visiting the Adders’ Nest which is in New Gridania