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FFXIV: ARR – Paladin Job Guide & In-Depth Overview

About Paladins in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

The primary role of a Paladin in Eorzea is to server as a protector or bodyguard. In other words, they are specifically designed to play the part of a tank. While you’ll still have access to all of the high damage attack skills that come with being a Gladiator (full GLA guide here) you’ll also gain new abilities which will help you absorb damage and better protect your allies.

FFXIV Paladin

In order to use the Paladin job for your character you’ll need to first obtain level 30 as a Gladiator and level 15 as a Conjurer (complete CNJ guide here). Once you’ve done that you simply need to visit the Gladiator’s Guild in Ul’dah to receive the job starting quest.

NOTE: The main stats you’ll want to focus on increasing for your Paladin are Vitality (VIT), Dexterity (DEX), and Strength (STR).

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Skills of the Paladin

As we previously mentioned, once you take on the role of the Paladin you’ll still have access to your original Gladiator-based skills. But you’ll also learn new ones that are more specific to the Paladin. These are mostly intended to reduce incoming damage, allow you to take damage that is directed at one of your allies, and even render you invulnerable.

Here is the complete list of Paladin skills:

FFXIV Paladin Skills

Paladin Quests

Just as you completed quests while leveling your Guardian you will also be assigned new job-specific quests when you decide to become a Paladin. These quests will help you learn new skills, provide you with experience, and more.

Here are all of the quests you’ll complete:

  • Paladin’s Pledge (level 30)
  • Honor Lost (level 35)
  • Power Struggles (level 40)
  • Parley in the Sagolii (level 45)
  • Poisoned Hearts (level 45)
  • A Relic Reborn (level 50)
  • Keeping the Oath (level 50)

The first of these quests, Paladin’s Pledge, will be given to you by Lulutsu while the remaining ones will be issued to your character by an NPC called Jenlyns. Upon completion of each one you may learn a new skill, earn XP, earn gil, and possibly be given an item or two for your player.

Paladins make excellent tanks and, when used appropriately, can also deal heavy damage. They work best in parties but can also be used as a decent solo class in FFXIV.

In the near future we will be adding several different Paladin builds to this page for players to try out!



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