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FFXIV: ARR – Thaumaturge Class Guide & In-Depth Overview

About the Thaumaturge in A Realm Reborn

The Thaumaturge class in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the powerful magic-based classes that is capable of dealing high amounts of damage through the use of strong, destructive spells. If you’re looking for a high DPS class that doesn’t rely on melee attacks, this one is a great choice.

FFXIV Thaumaturge Guide

Players can take on the role of the Thaumaturge by either selecting it as their starting class or by visiting the class guild, Arzaneth Ossuary, which is located in the Steps of Nald portion of Ul’dah. Once there just speak with the guild receptionist, Yayake, to get started.

NOTES: The best stats to focus on when using the Thaumaturge class are Intelligence (INT) and Piety (PIE). This the primary class that is designed to progress to the Black Mage job once you reach level 30.

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Skills of the Thaumaturge

The majority of the skills available to the Thaumaturge are focused around dealing damage through the use of fire, ice, lightning, and other spells. There are also skills that give you the ability to cast spells faster, put enemies to sleep, and cause area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

Here are all of the skills for the class:

FFXIV Thaumaturge Skills

Traits of the Thaumaturge

Traits are often designed to increase the stats of your character to help improve the capabilities based on what class you play as. The Thaumaturge’s traits, for example, primarily raise the overall INT (intelligence) level, increase your damage ouput, and give a few other bonuses.

Here is the entire list of traits for the class:

FFXIV Thaumaturge Traits

Race & Craft Recommendations

Because you’ll want to focus on having as much Piety and Intelligence as possible for this class you’re going to want to pick a starting race that is high in both. INT will be your first priority. For that reason you’ll probably want to select either the Duskwight Elezen or Wildwood Elezen for your race. Both are high in INT and have decent stats for PIE as well.

As far as crafting goes you’ll obviously want to pick professions that are capable of producing items that your Thaumaturge can actually use. The most obvious choices are Goldsmith (capable of making useful accessories), Weaver (capable of making gear for the class), and Mining.

Thaumaturge Quests

Just like all other classes, the Thaumaturge has class-specific quests that you’ll have to complete. These quests help you learn how to properly use the class, gain gear that you can use, learn new skills, and more. These quests are assigned to you by the class guild.

Here are all of the quests you’ll play through:

  • My First Scepter (level 1)
  • The Threat of Intimacy (level 5)
  • The Threat of Paucity (level 10)
  • The Threat of Superiority (level 15)
  • The Threat of Perplexity (level 20)
  • The Hidden Chapter (level 25)
  • Facing Your Demons (level 30)
  • Taking the Black (level 30)
  • Austerities of Flame (level 30)

The first quest, My First Scepter, will be given to you by the guild receptionist. The others will be assigned to you by Cocobuki, the Thaumaturge guildmaster. Each quest completion will result in rewards including gil, experience points, and possibly learning a new skill or gaining class-based gear.

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