Tuesday , 22 July 2014
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FFXIV Sales Give Square Enix’s Profits a Huge Boost

It wasn’t long ago that Square Enix pushed out it’s bi-annual financial predictions. Before Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released the company was expected to either suffer a hefty loss or, at best, even out and not make a dime. But FFXIV has done so well that Square has had to re-calculate these numbers.

FFXIV ARR Square Enix

Factoring in the sales brought in by FFXIV: ARR the game’s developer is now expected to pull in huge profits nearing $26.5 million. That’s a huge leap for any company. A Realm Reborn was released on August 27th and has seen exponential growth in terms of active subscribers. Each subscriber pays between $10 to $15 per month for access to the online game.

Back in October it was announced that FFXIV’s player-base had reached over 1.5 million and was still on the rise. The game has been a huge success and, if SE plays its cards right, is bound to stick around for at least a few years.

Source: [DualShockers]

  • Justin A Blainey

    By the same company i might add (as you WoW freaks will say WoW is close too, and yes I am well aware that D2 is one of the longest lasting games next to SC:BW)

    • Dan DePuy

      FFXI has lasted over a decade. And people still play Runescape, too. So maybe the fourth to last for a decade.

    • Tubbies

      There is quite a few MMOs that have been around for over a decade

  • Tubbies

    600k subs in it’s golden period with now exhausted content and no new progression content being added until at least spring 2014. I dont see this holding out.

    • Reogrym
    • Rise XIV

      lol please resaerch befor posting

    • Hendo

      where did you make up the number 600k? lol Go back to WoW

    • Pxl

      1. SE announced 1.5 million subs a while back..
      2. Patch 2.1 hits in December, and it’s all progression content + housing.

      Like someone else said, at least look it up before you start spouting BS.

      • Tubbies

        1.5 million box sales, 600k active subs.

        Feel free to get angrier.

        • Pxl

          My mistake, it was ages ago I’d read that.

          You’ve edited this post like 3 times now..if you don’t like the game just stfu and get off a site called FFXIVmasters.com…just a suggestion.

  • Guest

    Unless they release more raid content as in ilvl 90 content like more coils the raid scene is going to die. Crystal Tower is not real content and neither are extreme primals that stuff is trivial at best. I mean ffs how can you even call that content? it’s all duty finder based content that will be cleared and abused by most players within the first week of its release. So as stated before if they can’t pump out 5+ coils within a few months of each other this game is screwed raiding wise imo.

    • Hendo

      The know this but at the same time, the endgame niche is tiny compared to the average player.